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Présentation de l'Allume-feu Backdraft

With all its attributes, we are not surprised about the position it has gained on the Canadian market. Odorless, easy to use, quick to light, 100% waterproof, wind resistant, non-perishable, ecological, no residue, easy to store, safe, clean and inexpensive.

With the Back Draft fire starter, there is no need for newspaper, kindling, or any harmful activating agents! The Back Draft fire starter is the most practical and efficient fire starter for all types of fires : campfires, fireplaces, furnaces, barbecues, woodstoves and WOODFLAME.

The Back Draft fire starter is revolutionary and highly efficient. This small, clean and non toxic object looks like a wafer of chocolate. It is made with recycled cardboard and recuperated paraffin, and satisfies the expectations of the most demanding of environmentally conscious consumers. Its dimensions are 2 ½ x 1 ½ x ¾ inches, it is very light, and can be lit between your fingers.

Présentation d'un sac Allume-feu Backdraft

The three crucial factors concerning the use of a quick-to-light fire starter :

  1. OXYGEN : The staggering flame of the fire starter takes its oxygen from the air contained within the cells of the corrugated cardboard.
  2. COMBUSTIBLE : The cardboard is composed of many layers of fibrous matter that makes its mass superior to normal paper, and therefore more combustible.
  3. INTENSITY : The paraffin wax, highly combustible and non toxic, burns slowly to give a delay in the lighting. The large amount of air contained in the cardboard's cells is what supplies the oxygen for the fuel.